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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is based on these three ideas primarily, which any blogger can carry out:


1. There are supports (blogs, portals or web pages) that promote products on their pages , charging a commission for sale each time a sale is closed on the website of the seller from their website.


2. There are different types of commissions , depending on the products or services that are advertised. For physical products of large brands, commissions are low, between 4 and 12%. Commissions are higher (50 or 75%) when it comes to digital products positioned in specific niches.


3. It is a system you can trust . Transactions between seller and affiliate are managed through independent and transparent platforms for both parties.


These types of companies with affiliate programs are a good way to monetize your blog, there are even affiliate blogs and specialized blog networks that get almost 100% of their income through this medium.

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